About this blog

I think possibly I was born under a wandering star. I am an English girl, living in California, who loves France.

Actually I love all 3 places. I will always be English and forever very proud to be so. On and off for 16 of my 51 years I have enjoyed all the warmth of a life in California, the sunshine, the people with their smiles and positive attitude, the beauty of San Francisco, and beloved nearby Napa, Carmel and Lake Tahoe. My heart though is somewhere on a cobbled street, behind a worn, shuttered, ancient stone building, lavender lying in a basket, on a well used, wooden kitchen table, beside a bottle of local, freshly pressed olive oil and a baguette, freshly bought a few hours ago…..

This January, 2012, I found my heart, I was able to make a dream come true and spend 5 months in southern France in the beautiful unspoiled duchy of Uzès, 40km west of Avignon.

I started this blog as just a diary to share with those I love. I called it ‘Shutters and sunflowers’ because those are some of the first images that come to mind when I think of southern France. As those I love have shared my story with those they love, my humble story, my blog, has become so much more. It is written from my heart, sometimes a rambling narrative of daily life, other times a sharing of perspectives about people and this journey we all call ‘life’. I hope to include favorite recipes, restaurant tips and other life style vignettes that I learn along the way.

Currently, as of July 2012, I am back in California having spent a few weeks at ‘home’ in England before we return to France in October for a further 6 months. Yes England is home, California is where our ‘home’ is and France is where my heart was left behind. My 2 lovely children are also temporarily close to me in France, one studying in England, the other in Copenhagen until the New Year at least. My best friend and husband of 30 years is with me always, fortunate to have the flexibility to be mobile with work, as together we unravel this somewhat unconventional life style. I hope you enjoy my story, I’d love to know you thoughts! It thrills me to touch the lives of others. Follow my journey as I try to discover myself and maybe for me ‘what it’s all about’ and where I want to be………..


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