“24 minutes du Mazda Miata” – zoom, zoom!

Cars, speed, racing and male testosterone………those same components that consumed the atmosphere at ’24 Heures du Mans’, were just as effervescent when I watched my lovely son, James, racing in the Sports Club of America, (SCCA), Mazda Spec Miata, series at Sonoma Raceway, California.James in his Mazda Miata racing at Sonoma RacewayJames' Mazda Miata Sonoma Raceway

Mazda Miatas ready to race at the SCCA race day at Sonoma RacewayAbout 70 specially spec Mazda Miatas, growling like hungry tigers, eagerly snarling on the starting grid. Impatiently reeving their engines, waiting for the flag to drop, signaling their permission to screech onto the track.

Ready to scream up through the gears, ‘pedal to the metal’ and hurtle themselves into the chicanes. Jostling for position, daring to take the ‘racing line’ into the corners as tightly as possible……

SCCA Spec Miata racing at Sonoma Raceway

Roaring engines, gears shifting, clouds of brake dust and complete exhilaration!

James racing the Mazda Miata on the trackWhat happened to my little boy lying on his tummy, whizzing toy cars across the floor, making car noises……..I guess he grew up!James a winner at the SCCA race day at Sonoma RacewaySCCA race day at Sonoma RacewayJames the racing driver at Sonoma raceway


6 thoughts on ““24 minutes du Mazda Miata” – zoom, zoom!

  1. James … haven’t seen you in some time. How come you’re so big? So you caught your father’s bug about racing cars, huh? Well, perhaps you don’t know this, but I’ve also been involved in racing. I have a Mercedes sports car that I race a few time a week. However, I have to be careful because occasionally it zooms off the track and I have to go get it and place it back into the slot. Also, I take a lot of abuse from my wife for having the track in our living room. We racers can’t ever just relax and enjoy the thrill of it. Oh well!

    • Yes Jim, James is all grown up and the slot cars long since packed away although I am sure Chris and he would still enjoy being little boys again if they set up all their tracks again! He absolutely loves cars and racing, it can be pretty nerve racking for his poor mother but it is wonderful to see him have the opportunity to do something he is passionate about! Take care xx

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