‘Provence’ in California?

Californian Sunflowers at the Farmstead RestaurantI called my blog ‘sunflowers and shutters’ because they are a few of the images embedded in my heart when I think of southern France. In my 6 months there I actually never saw any sunflowers but I did yesterday, not in Provence but in the beautiful Napa Valley, California.

Farmstead Restaurant, Napa Valley, California

Eating a delicious lunch at the stunning Farmstead Restaurant, just outside charming St Helena, savouring all the fresh flavours, handpicked that morning from the restaurant’s organic garden, Organic garden at the Farmstead Restaurant
Cabbages from the organic garden at the Farmstead RestaurantApples from the organic garden at the Farmstead Restaurant,

sipping my favourite bold, oakey, buttery and I realize very passé Californian Chardonnay (a deliciousness you can only get here!) – with special friends, I remembered why we moved to California so long ago.

Lavender in the garden at the Farmstead restaurant Things I love in Provence, the lavender, Lavender in the garden at the Farmstead restaurantthe vineyards, the sunflowers, all basking under azure blue skies, well they are here too………

Vineyards in the Napa Valley

Long Meadow Ranch Winery at the Farmstead Restaurant

True, no shutters or medieval streets, 1874 was as old as it got yesterday, (but still impressive!), it really gives you pause for thought!Long Meadow Ranch Winery at the Farmstead Restaurant

Californian Vineyards in the Napa ValleyThe lush and bountiful vineyards of the Napa Valley, flanked either side by the rolling golden Californian hills are just a 45 minute drive from my Californian home. As I sat there discussing plans to visit Carmel, another very much beloved Californian stunner, I could see my lovely daughter’s smiling face……”Yes Mummy it is pretty special here!”Kate Longstaffe in Uzes France

It doesn’t in any way dilute my passion for those ancient cobbled streets guarding theirCobbled streets in Uzes, Languedoc Rousillon France age old secrets between the shutters. Neither can that unique beguiling atmosphere be found here, it belongs there………

July 4th 2012 Danville California USA

but where do I belong……….?

What a question to ponder, I’ll keep you posted!!!


9 thoughts on “‘Provence’ in California?

  1. You belong where you are happy and your get up and go and ability to get off your butt and do something different makes you who you are. You can do whatever, whenever, as you have the skills independence and passion to get out there. See you in France!

  2. Why should you be in such a lovely place? You belong in Dallas where you can enjoy the excellent 100 degree heat, baked into your auto seat and then magically transfered to your rear end; enjoy the marvelous taste of an amusing, but arrogant,
    Doctor Pepper; drive through the flat countryside naming the various barnyard animals that lay by the side of the road, forever imprinted with the logo of the long passed auto that hit them; enjoy and afternoon of shopping at the local strip mall, venturing accassionally into the quaint, but interesting shops – Seven Eleven, QuicStop; Bubba’s BBQ and so many more that I could mention, but knowing that being stranded in California, my bragging will only make you sad. Go in peace my friend, thanking of what you HAVE, versus coveting my life here in Dallas.

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