More on what’s ‘très délicieux en Provence’

Now that I have established that there are some great places to eat in France, I  thought I should stay on the subject of food.

Lourmarin and St Remy de Provence are two of my favourite places, both with an abundance of delicious restaurants. 

Then there is all that wonderful food to buy! This cheese shop in St Remy has to be the most unbelievably tempting and beautiful cheese I have seen, all hand made and quite ‘incroyable’! 


We were happy  shoppers at a Sunday ‘marche’, especially when they served us wine! This prepared us nicely for the Olive oil ‘cave’.


A  shopping spree in a restored 18th century bastide tempted us. Lilacs and lemons added to the ambience amongst the somewhat overpriced T shirts, ready to be purchased by ‘beautiful people’ with sagging wallets!

These figs, which were just beginning to make their boughs slightly bend, a promise of  summer ‘luciousness’ beckoning.

Herbs and spices, their fragrance wafting in the warm spring air in Uzès’ wonderful Saturday market……

Provence a haven for the taste buds and all things really ‘délicieux’


One thought on “More on what’s ‘très délicieux en Provence’

  1. I totally love following all your adventures and hope you are having as much fun as it looks like you are. You are a great story teller and it really shows doing this blog. Please give me an update on Chris and yourself as well. Love you guys!

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