A family together, discovering Le Palais des Papes

Our lovely  daughter Kate, back in the fold to enjoy ‘La Belle France’ with us again! Happily posing with a T-shirt from Daddy, recently purchased in some far off Asian Market! Very appropriate for we Richard Curtiss, ‘Four Weddings & a Funeral’ ‘Notting Hill’and ‘Love Actually’ fans!

Having sampled the delights of the local Saturday bounties we eagerly awaited the arrival of our James.

We were soon rewarded, a family once again reunited!  The following day, in Avignon, cool beer, local vin rosé, 4 smiling faces soon a glow in the mid afternoon Provencal sun, ready for the grand tour of Les Palais des Papes.

Another World Unesco site, it is the largest Gothic Palace in the world, equivalent in volume to 4 gothic cathedrals and includes the private apartments of the Pope, fantastically adorned with fabulous Italian frescoes. 

It was not a disappointing experience. Among the ramparts and cloisters, memories of Papal power, prestige and fear lingered. Hushed tones of whispered intrigue, soft choral voices practicing for evensong, men dedicated in a life long service to God. A bygone era, when the might of the Holy Catholic Church dominated peoples’ lives, their ambition, their destiny and their demise.

When from 1309 to 1376, during which time seven Popes held power, the Papacy made Avignon, a thousand km from Rome, its centre and arguably at that time, the most powerful city in the world.


One thought on “A family together, discovering Le Palais des Papes

  1. Looks like everyone is doing well and enjoying your dream! It is amazing all the history that is out there for the taking. We love you guys and are glad that you are taking these opportunities whilst you can. Of course,
    I used that word for your benefit….. Wish I had the time to come and join you for a week! What fun that would be…. Until next time XXX

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